Friday, April 9, 2010

National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, May 12th

Each May, Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is celebrated around the world. In the USA, we call it National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and it is OFFICIALLY observed on May 12th.

However, this year various organizations are celebrating National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on Saturday, May 15th with events and celebrations and seminars. You name it, it's probably happening.

So take a look in your own community and find someone who is celebrating this special day of Awareness, a day designed to increase awareness and understanding of fibromyalgia—which we all know is a chronic pain disorder that affects 3-5 percent of the world population.

Participate in a Walk of FAME...get outside, and help the world become aware of fibromyalgia.

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  1. I have found that a lot of doctors don't really believe in fibromyalgia and they seem to think I was making it up, but the book "Beat Sugar Addiction Now!" is written by a doctor and he knows so much about it. I feel like I learned a lot about my own body just by reading the section on FMS, and it made me annoyed that no one had told me this before. I started reading the book because I thought it was a diet book and would maybe help me lose weight, and if I wasn't carrying around so much weight maybe I would feel better overall and be less achy. But it's actually a whole part on fibromyalgia is in it and I learned a lot about my hypothalamus that I never knew before. The information is good and smart science but not too hard to understand. You need to find help if you have what I have-so much pain it hurts to pull my shirt over my head or bend down to tie my shoes. I had to start wearing ugly crocs just because they were easier to put on and more comfortable, and that is not who I wanted to be-a fat person in unstylish shoes who has trouble getting in and out of the car. I feel like if I can find a doctor who will help me and I can do what it says in this book, I will get a lot better. It is written very convincingly and you can tell he knows what he's talking about. Plus he has a list to help you find doctors that treat FMS and I am ready to get treated and stop feeling like my nerves are exposed every time I move. Here's the website for Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum: